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"How do we survive in a group?

That was the question that immediately struck me as I watched the Carte Blanche dancers.

The next thing that stood out was the figure of a circle, which remained in outline form throughout, as though representing a self-contained intention.

Rotating on our own axis, orbiting others, gyrating, whirling, twirling and spinning to the point of exhaustion or intoxication, forever turning.

So how do we set a course, keep to it, play our part, stay focused and let ourselves be carried along amid this whirlwind with no beginning or end? " Bouchra Ouizguen

“I have invited Bouchra to work with Carte Blanche because of her ability to explore her own history, and to make it available to us with genuine passion and engagement,” says Theatre Director Hooman Sharifi.

“Through the innovative use of dance, song and the possibilities of the stage, she recreates her streets, with their smells and doors, so that we recognise our streets, with their smells and doors, through her story.”

“This invitation takes me out of familiar territory, out of my usual state and habits. There is risk inherent in this invitation, which I do not see as an order. It is like being in the desert, and in the desert, there are no gestures. The first step into the desert – the process – kills all gestures. In the desert nothing is superfluous – only that which is necessary is present,” says Bouchra Ouizguen poetically as she describes her upcoming work for Carte Blanche.

Artistic Direction, Choreography Bouchra Ouizguen


Dancers : Caroline Eckly, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Noam EidelmanShatil, Guro Rimeslåtten, Olha Stetsyuk, Jack Lorentzen, Dawid Lorenc, Mathias Stoltenberg, Harald Beharie, Adrian Bartczak, Einar Nikkerud, Asher Lev, Ole Martin Meland, Daniel Mariblanca

Lights :  Eric Wurtz

Music : Dakka Marrachkia Baba’s band

Production Carte Blanche The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance // Coproduction Compagnie O 


World premiere on 9 February 2017 at The Norwegian Opera & Ballet, Oslo, Norway

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